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Liz Larin is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist, whose musical style flows between electro-pop and world rhythms. As a guitarist, songwriter, composer, Larin embraces tech in her performances and production in artistic and innovative ways embracing sampling, computers, pedals, keyboards and video projection. With 13 CDs and 40 Detroit Music Awards, the latest music is available on Bona Dea Music under Liz Larin, Stella13, Arcello and LusterKraft.

New Music

The Stella 13 (aka Liz Larin) independent EP ‘Good Human’ floats between electro-pop and chill. A self-proclaimed nomad, wanderlust is evident here in these cavernous tracks, while the lyrics ponder love and letting go, and how turning to nature for inspiration can lead to moments of clarity and humility. A multi-instrumentalist with vocal chops and a bent for tech, a Stella 13 performance swallows you up in lush worlds of loops, samples, and visional projections, while Stella 13 moves seamlessly between electric guitars and keys, revealing her musical Detroit roots while exploring new combinations of sonic storytelling. The first track, ‘Dust For Diamonds,’ speaks to the alchemy behind turning hard luck and distrust into something beautiful and everlasting. The 'Good Human' EP is available on Bandcamp (Liz Larin 1.)


Dust To Diamonds - YouTube Audio/Vudeo at:



As a musician from Detroit coming up in a heavy jazz, funk, R&B scene and inspired by the ground swell of Detroit techno, Liz Larin began her professional career at 16, quickly attracting a following while playing stages like Doug’s Body Shop off infamous Eight Mile Road. After releasing two EPs on her first label under Press, she quickly drew the attention of radio, TV, and labels and was signed with her band Rebel Heels to Atlantic Records after a show attended by Jason Flom and Doug Morris. After recording the first album in England with legendary producer Rupert Hine (The Fixx, Howard Jones) ‘One By One by One,’ (1987) lead to her 2nd Atlantic release and her first solo project, ‘Test Your Faith’ (1994) with rock producer Ben Gross (Depeche Mode, Dream Theatre, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.) A friendship with producer Scott Spock of The Matrix in Los Angeles lead to the two producing tracks for what became 'Merry Wicked,' (2000) which was released upon her return to Detroit under her new imprint Bona Dea Music.

With renewed confidence and inspiration found working with world-class Detroit musicians, Liz Larin produced the multi-award winning album ‘The Story of O-Miz’ (2005) which brazenly explores the dichotomy between sexuality and spirituality. She followed up with ‘Wake Up, Start Dreaming’ (2012) with another powerhouse Detroit rhythm section, which poetically explores the unconscious mind and the power of creativity.  Liz Larin’s release, ‘Hurricane’ (2014) is inspired by the film scores of Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard and Junkie XL, and is accompanied by visual art projections influenced by the work of Joseph Campbell.

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